Emmy Rossum teams up with director D.J. Caruso to bring you the social media film Inside

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I love it when studios and directors come up with unique ways to make films, so I’m excited to see what becomes of INSIDE, starring the lovely Emmy Rossum and directed by D.J. Caruso (DISTURBIA).  The film is a joint venture between the creative talents and Intel.  But they promise to bring in the audience like no movie has ever done and actually make people characters in the film.  Sounds interesting.  The official press release:

INSIDE will be a blockbuster-class experiment in social entertainment. This new “social film” experience is being brought to life by some of the leading minds in Hollywood, technology and social media who hope to break new ground in the genre of interactive, social entertainment.

The INSIDE social film experiment allows viewers to be more than just viewers.  Viewers have the chance to become characters in the film itself.  For the first time the director gets to essentially direct the main character as well as the audience by weaving several elements of social media into the story, film release strategy and even the casting with a social casting call.

The first film episode will make its debut in July 2011 and promises to be an immersive experience that seeks to break new ground in interactive entertainment.

Emmy Rossum in Inside

INSIDE stars Emmy Rossum playing the role of Christina, a 20-something girl who has been trapped in a room and left with a laptop and an untraceable Internet connection. Scared with no idea of what awaits her, she mobilizes her social network to help disseminate clues to figure out where she is being held and hopefully rescued.

Unlike other productions, INSIDE will engage the audience and allow them to play a role in the film by interacting on social channels.  A social casting call will result with one lucky participant cast to play a role via a YouTube video that will then be incorporated into one of the film’s episodes.  Others can join in the project during the live social experience by posting on the main characters Facebook wall or tweeting which then has the chance of being incorporated into the next film episode.

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