Entourage Blu-ray Review

HBO’s ‘Entourage’ show was an embarrassment to the network. For a network known for its complex characters, creative stories and rich plot development, ‘Entourage’ stuck out like a sore thumb. But people flocked to the show because they wanted to feel what it was like to be friends with someone that is rich and famous. The problem, of course, is that once we found out, we realized we didn’t want to be friends with them in the first place because no one wants another douchebag friend. But the show has the full backing of Mark Wahlberg and what Marky Mark wants, Marky Mark gets and apparently, Marky wanted a movie and so the rest of us had to suffer.


The movie picks up where the show ended. Eric and Sloan aren’t together but she’s still pregnant. Vincent is now divorced, Turtle is now rich from his tequila investment, Drama is still looking for work and Ari is now running a studio. On a whim, Vincent decides he wants to direct and so the movie follows their exploits as Vincent directs his first feature and Ari deals with some nervous investors from Texas. If you were hoping for a deeper plot or some sort of expansion into their world, you clearly haven’t been paying attention. The only thing separating the movie from the TV show is the 90 minute runtime.

All of the same complaints from the show ring true for the movie. The jokes and one-liners are still several years too late and here, I think I made note that the most recent reference was from the late 90’s. So either writer/director Doug Ellin doesn’t get out much or he wrote this 15 years ago and was too lazy to update the script. Either way, don’t expect any laughs because your teenage self already laughed at the jokes when you heard them 15 years ago. But the outdated references fit in with the quality of the rest of the film, which featured one clunky transition to the next. There were no bright spots in the film, but Ronda Rousey came the closest. It felt like every actor had to have some sort of bonus to show up for the film and apparently Jerry Ferrara’s “bonus” was that Rousey had to control the urge to punch him in the face for their scenes together.


I have to pause for a second and assign some blame on Mark Wahlberg. I assume all actors are douchebags, but with ‘Entourage’, Wahlberg is removing all doubt. His cameo appearance in the film made him look worse and I didn’t think this was possible, but the people the show is based on seem like they’re worse than their counterparts in the show. So maybe the problem with ‘Entourage’ isn’t the lazy writing from Ellin, but maybe it’s just bad source material.


After eight seasons with zero character development, I shouldn’t be surprised that the movie failed to do anything with these four douchebags from Brooklyn. They’re still terrible, uneducated people that stumble from one moment to the next with no consequences for their actions. The only comfort in ENTOURAGE is that it performed so poorly, there’s surely no way Warner Bros. will greenlight a sequel…is there?


Video: The show looked great on Blu-ray and so does the movie.

Audio: The audio was also fine.

The Gang: Still Rockin’ It (13:57): Doug Ellin and the cast show up to talk about the show and the movie.

Hollywood, Baby! (8:01): A basic making-of featurette.

The Making of Hyde (4:59): This focuses on the brief footage they shot of the movie within the movie.

Deleted Scenes (19:04): The pain never stops. A lot of these were extended/alternate scenes, but none of them would have made a difference.

Meet the Newest Member of Entourage (1:57): Doug Ellin’s son had a role in the film. Because nepotism.

Lucas Ellin is Jonah Gold (1:57): Yes, Ellin’s son gets two separate featurettes.

Gag Reel (3:03): The cast laughs uncontrollably.


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