John Kruger (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is the best specialist in the Witness Protection Program and his next mission is to keep Lee Cullen (Vanessa Williams), an employee at a corporation producing high-tech weapons, safe from not only her company and the government but also from the Witness Protection agency itself. This is a classic Schwarzenegger film. You have action, unrealistic stunts and tongue-in-cheek humor—it’s overall a good ride. I’ll admit that it is not one of the Governator’s best films but in my world it is in the top five for a few reasons.

I love that Mr. Schwarzenegger is always the “best” in his field in whichever profession he is in. In this case, he’s the guy you want protecting you if you have the mob on your rear-end. Not only is he super smart in what he does and one step ahead of the bad guys, but if you do happen to get in a tough situation where someone is coming at you with a small arsenal to keep you quiet—no worries, because Mr. Kruger carries more than enough weapons to keep you safe as well as some explosives so you can get away in a hurry.

I also dig the crazy situations Kruger gets into in ERASER. He parachutes out of a plane, breaks into a high security building right under everyone’s noses and he takes down a twenty-foot crocodile. I know the croc scene is terrible CGI and completely unrealistic but in this scene Schwarzenegger delivers the best line, that, by the way, I’m still quoting all these years later because it’s just too funny and it makes me love the old Arnold a little more each time I say it. (If you don’t know this line I’m not spoiling it for you, you’ll have to just watch it yourself).

Now let me come out, be honest and say that ERASER does have its problems. Not only are some situations far-fetched and unbelievable (don’t act shocked) but some of the acting is sub-par in the supporting cast arena, and in my opinion, this was not the best movie for James Caan. But even with these faults, upon another viewing I realized that the movie is not too dated. Even though I did spy a pager (are those even made anymore?) the rest of the movie was not too dependent on technology to make it seem ridiculous when watching it over a decade later. Note that this is also one of the films starring Vanessa Williams that did not tank, although I think we all know it was because of her co-star, but her performance was not too terrible to watch.

ERASER is a good film to watch if you are in the mood for a classic 90’s action film. I find it one of the better ones and I think it should be appreciated more since it really was one of Mr. Schwarzenegger’s last good films. If you’ll remember the next gem we had with him was JINGLE ALL THE WAY and it just went downhill from there.


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