Eric Bana to play Elvis and Danny Huston to play Richard Nixon in new film

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

In 1970, Elvis Presley wrote a letter to then President Richard Nixon requesting a DEA badge.  Or more accurately, he requested to be made an honorary agent so he could get a DEA badge to add to his collection of police badges.  Nixon saw this as a great publicity opportunity and so he asked Presley to visit him at the White House, pose for some pics and then receive his honorary badge.  Presley obliged, got his badge and even brought a Cold .45 pistol as a gift for Nixon.  If you can make FROST/NIXON into a movie, then there’s no reason you can’t turn a meeting between Nixon and Elvis into a film.  So Cary Elwes (yes, that Cary Elwes) wrote a script with Joey and Hanala Sagal and is making the film with the help of Benaroya Pictures.

Eric Bana is set to play Elvis in the film while Danny Huston will play Richard Nixon.  Although I’m as sick of seeing Elvis being portrayed (poorly) on film, the idea of a meeting between him and Nixon is intriguing.  No word on when filming will start.

Elvis and Nixon

Source: Deadline

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