Ethan Hawke tunes into A Late Quartet

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Ethan Hawke is going to have to brush up on his violin skills because he has signed on to star in A LATE QUARTET where he’ll be playing one part of a string quartet.  The film will be directed by Yaron Zilberman, who wrote the script with Seth Grossman.  The film is about a quartet that has been together for 25 years and then has to adapt when one of their members develops Parkinson’s disease.  Hawke will play the second violinist jockeying for more solos who also ends up having an affair with his jogging partner, destroying his marriage.

Obviously, this is an independent film that will probably attract a very small, niche audience, but I’m glad to see Ethan Hawke continue to do these types of films.  I like him as an actor, but I find him to be very inconsistent when it comes to the quality of the scripts he chooses.

Ethan Hawke

Source: Variety

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