Eve Hewson joins Sean Penn and Frances McDormand in This Must Be The Place

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

It’s rare that a newcomer lands a starring role in an indie drama, especially one starring Sean Penn, but that’s exactly what Eve Hewson has managed to do.  She’ll be starring alongside Penn in the film THIS MUST BE THE PLACE.  The film has a bit of an odd premise as it revolves around an aging rock star (Penn) that decides to pursue the Nazi criminal that abused his father during WWII.  Hewson will play a punk music fan that’s also a friend to Penn’s character.

So I’m not sure how they’re going to mesh an old rock ‘n roller with World War II Nazi criminals, but this just sounds like the sort of odd role Penn would take on.  I’m curious if the movie is going to look at the rocker’s past as a backdrop or if they’re going to try to make it an actual part of the story.  I’d imagine the hunt for the Nazi criminal is going to be the focus. Frances McDormand also stars and  Paolo Sorrentino will be directing.

Eve Hewson

Source: Variety

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