Exclusive: Adrian Grunberg talks Get the Gringo and working with Mel Gibson

To celebrate the release of GET THE GRINGO, director Adrian Grunberg was kind enough to sit down and talk to Flix66.com about the film and other projects. Make sure to check out GET THE GRINGO, which will be released on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download today.

Adrian Grunberg and Mel Gibson for Get the Gringo

Flix66: You’ve worked with some of the most talented directors of all time, what tips and tricks did you pick up from the likes of Steven Soderbergh, Peter Weir and Oliver Stone that you were able to apply to Get the Gringo?

Adrian Grunberg: Ha, unfortunately I can’t pinpoint exactly what I picked up. I know I have picked up stuff from all of them. I can’t pinpoint it, I wouldn’t know what to say exactly. I do, for example, remember seeing Peter Weir interacting with his cast in MASTER AND COMMANDER and going literally to war with them in rehearsals. And I remember those moments you know where especially how each one interacts with their cast. That always attracted me. But other than that I’m not sure I can say exactly.

Flix66:After working with Mel Gibson twice before, what was different this time around now that you were the director?

AG: Well, you just said it. That was the big difference, that I was directing. My first lens, happened to be with Mel and produced by him. It was just amazing, I think it would have been amazing in any case to direct my first movie, but to have it to be this way with Mel you know close by and co-writing and you know having been with him the past few years and seeing him work as well. It’s a luxury that I was allowed to participate in this.

Flix66: Do you feel it was easier as your first time as a director to have someone you felt comfortable around?

Mel Gibson in Get the Gringo

AG: I think the fact that I had a relationship with Mel for years now, that I know him, that he knows me that we wrote the script together. I think all of that made everything easier, it just made everything more organic.

Flix66: Excellent. So you bypassed the traditional theatrical release schedule for Get the Gringo and went with your exclusive Direct TV launch. Some people thought that was a risky move, looking at it now, what do you think of the decision?

AG: I do agree, I do think it was a risky move but it was one that Mel had us use. This was completely a Mel decision. It’s never been done before at this level. So yeah, he took a risk as he usually does. Looking back I don’t know if it was the best decision, I’m not sure. I think as the maverick and pioneer that Mel is, it’s fitting, it’s fitting that it went that way. We’ll see ultimately if it was the right decision.

Flix66: Great. So we talked about some of the directors that you worked with, what about the actors you worked with. Which of them would you like to work with again?

AG: Obviously I think Mel is one of the best actors I’ve ever worked with. He’s understanding of how to create a character, it’s fantastic. I’ve had, again, the luxury of working with some amazing and talented people and I think, the best actors are those who maintain a humanity to them, so I wouldn’t say no to working with any of them if the right project came.

Flix66: Fantastic. Do you have a project you are currently working on, or do you know what your next film will be?

AG: I do not know what my next film will be. I’ve been reading a lot of scripts and starting to put some ideas down to write up a script with, Stacy (Perskie), my partner. But nothing concrete yet.

Mel Gibson in Get the Gringo

Flix66: So Stacy is your writing partner, you wrote with Stacey on Get the Gringo, do you always write with Stacy?

AG: Well, this is the first script we’ve written. Stacey and I have worked together in different capacities for the past six or seven years. We think alike and we like a lot of the same things and we complement each other very well. The plan is to continue writing together. We enjoyed the process of this one doing it. There is things that he brings to the table that I wouldn’t think of and vice versa. So I think it’s a great collaboration and its great to have somebody that close that you can bounce ideas off constantly. So hopefully it will be a match that will continue for many years.

Flix66: I hope so too. What is your favorite film of all time?

AG: Come on! Come on! I refuse to answer that question. I have no idea! I don’t know, couldn’t they narrow it down to like one of your favorite films? That’s not fair! I’m a big fan of… if every moment in your life is determined by different things, there’s songs that remind you of certain days, there’s moments that are captured in your memory because of a movie, or because of a song or because of a friend or a photograph. I’m a big fan of Kubrick, A Clockwork Orange was a movie that I was obsessed with at the time. There’s just so many, I wouldn’t know where to begin.

Flix66: Fair enough. Since Get the Gringo was an action film, how about a favorite action film?

AG: Again, with action films I’ll be mixing so many. French Connection, Mad Max, for sure. Gee, you know I’m drawing a blank here, I’m under pressure.

Flix66: We’ll take those.

AG: Yeah, let’s stick with those for the time being.

Flix66: Thank you Mr. Grunberg and we wish you luck with all your future endeavors.

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