Exclusive: Interview with Kane Hodder from Hatchet II

Posted by: J.A. Hamilton

To celebrate the release of his latest film HATCHET II, Kane Hodder was kind enough to sit down and talk to Flix66.com about the film and other projects. HATCHET II is available on DVD and Blu-ray.

Flix66.com: First I’d like to say thank you Kane for taking the time to sit down with us, I’m a huge fan and man oh man was I ever happy to hear HATCHET II was coming.

Kane Hodder: I was happy too because I wasn’t done with the character and I know Adam [Green] wasn’t done telling the story so I was really happy that we were able to come back and do it.

Kane Hodder

Flix66.com: So how did it feel to step back into Victor Crowley’s shoes?

Kane Hodder: (Laughs) Uncomfortable.

Flix66.com: (Laughs)

Kane Hodder: Well, this time around the makeup was redesigned; they streamlined it so I could have more facial expressions.

Flix66.com: I noticed that in the trailer, it looked like if you moved your face it would actually make a difference.

Kane Hodder: Right, and also the body was a little bulky in the first one so they took that down which unfortunately for me made the application, particularly the removal process, much longer.  But I think in the end it was worth it because the character looks less like rubber.

Kane Hodder in Hatchet II

Flix66.com: I know you took this role very seriously and it’s obvious this character means a lot to you, so how does it feel to create yet another Horror Icon?

Kane Hodder: Well, this one was great because when I got into the Jason role several people had played the character before so I wasn’t originating it.  I tried to bring something original to it which maybe is what people responded to and why I did four more as opposed to all the other guys who only did one.  But, this, being a brand new character that I could develop from the very beginning was really cool for me.

Flix66.com: Right, because he’s yours.

Kane Hodder: Right and because Adam and I had so many good ideas about how the character should be, you know.

Flix66.com: What was the hardest thing about becoming Victor Crowley and how did you try and distinguish a difference after playing Jason Voorhees all those years?

Kane Hodder: Well I just figured that Victor is the kind of character that would move more quickly, more fanatic and more unpredictable.

Flix66.com: Yeah, there’s definitely a big difference between him and Jason who walks around taking his time (laughs).

Kane Hodder: Exactly (laughs) and again, I just go by what I think about the character and try to put myself in his place and ask, how would I act?  And this guy is like, very quick and you just never know what he’s going to do and sometimes when I do a shot as Victor I don’t even necessarily know what I’m gonna do until the camera’s rolling and I do it which makes it difficult for the other actors sometimes.

Flix66.com: Do you miss Jason?

Kane Hodder: Of course I do, you know I didn’t want it to stop, it was never my idea to let someone else play the character and yeah, I definitely miss playing that character.

Kane Hodder

Flix66.com: What did you think of Derek Mears’ representation of the character in the new FRIDAY THE 13th?

Kane Hodder: I did not see it.  Derek is a friend of mine and a good guy but I did not see the movie and not for any reason of being negative or anything, I just didn’t get the chance to see it.  If I was going to have any negative feelings toward a movie it would be FREDDY VS JASON because that was the one I was replaced it, Derek didn’t replace me so I wouldn’t have any hard feelings against him anyway.

Flix66.com: I know in the first HATCHET you were big on scaring the holy hell out of the cast whenever possible, any particularly big scares this time around?

Kane Hodder: Oh, by the way not just the cast but the crew too (laughs).

Flix66.com: (laughs)

Kane Hodder: They don’t show that stuff but I like to do it just to keep myself amused because it’s so uncomfortable so I have to do things to keep myself happy so I was always scaring the crew too.  Now in this one because of the really intense shooting schedule we weren’t able to really jack around as much as I would have liked (laughs).  Every single day was so hard to get all the material done that we really had to…

Flix66.com: Be all business most of the time.

Kane Hodder: Yeah, unfortunately but I still had time to do some.  I scared the hell out of Shawn Ashmore when he was doing his scene because I’d worked with him on FROZEN.

Flix66.com: I didn’t realize Shawn was in this one too, I like him he seems like a cool guy.

Kane Hodder: Yeah, he’s got a very little part but he liked the first movie so much that he said, hey Adam you gotta put me in the second one.

Flix66.com: So how’s the physical aspect of playing this character, it looks like a rigorous as hell workout?

Kane Hodder: Ah, this time around?

Flix66.com: Well, either way.

Kane Hodder: Well, yeah, the fight scene I did with R.A. was quite difficult because, I dunno if you’ve seen the movie yet but, it took about seven hours to shoot the fight scene and within the first half hour, I tore my left bicep.  So that pretty much had to happen in the beginning (laughs)

Flix66.com: Of course it did (laughs)

Kane Hodder: So then I had to fight for the next six hours with him and he’s no small motherf@#ker I’ll tell you that (laughs)

Flix66.com: (laughs)

Kane Hodder: And we didn’t really choreograph all that much, like when he’s got me down on the table pounding away nothing is choreographed at all; we decided to try something new.  Some fights tend to look too deliberate and I didn’t want that.

Kane Hodder in Hatchet II

Flix66.com: Your stunt work profile is beyond impressive going back to some of my oldschool favourites like HOUSE 2: THE SECOND STORY and AMERICAN NINJA 2:  THE CONFRONTATION how has the business changed since those days?

Kane Hodder: (laughs) Oh yeah, I was just talking to someone yesterday about AMERICAN NINJA 2, Ray Park, you know who he is right?

Flix66.com: Hells yeah, I love Ray Park!

Kane Hodder: Well I was talking to him about that movie and the fact that there were only six of us over in South Africa, six American stunt men.  So every time you see ninjas it’s always the same six guys (laughs).

Flix66.com: (laughs)

Now a lot of stars talk about doing all their own stunts these days but how much has the business really changed are these actors really doing all their own stunts?

Kane Hodder: I dunno, I mean, some actors do some stunts but there’s nobody who does all of them, all their own stunts.  I get tired of actors saying, yep I did all my own stunts in this movie and meanwhile I already know the guy who doubled him in the movie (laughs)

Flix66.com: (laughs)

Kane Hodder: Who just happens to be a personal friend so I just don’t get why they try to take credit for something they didn’t do.  Some people do a lot and with the new technology it’s not nearly as hazardous as it used to be but you have to remember that they don’t do their own stunts not necessarily because they couldn’t but it’s a liability thing.  If that actor gets hurt there are four hundred people out of work.  And if the stunt double gets hurt, you get another one.

Flix66.com: What’s your favourite Victor Crowley kill this time around?

Kane Hodder: (laughs)  Well, there’s several of them but I’d have to say the skinning of Tony Todd was pretty fun.

Flix66.com: What do you have in the pipeline for coming projects and should we expect to see more of Victor down the road?

Kane Hodder: Well I hope so.  I’m not done playing the character as far as I’m concerned.  And I am doing a movie down in Germany, we’re just waiting for the weather to get better, it’s a 3D Robin Hood movie with Tom Savini.  I’m playing Little John and he’s playing the Sheriff of Nottingham.  And I’m also writing a book, finally.

Flix66.com: Oh really?  And what’s that called?

Kane Hodder: It’ll be released this October and it’s called KILL.

Flix66.com: (laughs)  Of course it is!

Kane Hodder: And if anyone wants to look at the website its KaneHodderKills.com

Flix66.com: So what’s your favourite movie of all time?

Kane Hodder: Oh man, well I’d have to say THE EXORCIST but there are so many good movies and I rarely get the chance to see movies to be honest.

Flix66.com: And speaking of favourites I just want you to know that I loved JASON X, I don’t care what anybody says, there’s nothing cooler than Jason in f@#king space, I thought that was great.

Kane Hodder: (laughs)  Well I had fun doing it.

Flix66.com: Well thanks a lot for your time Kane, it was an absolute pleasure, I can’t wait to review HATCHET II and wish you nothing but luck with all your upcoming projects.

Kane Hodder: Thank you Johnny, it was good talking to you man.

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