Farrelly Brothers deny Johnny Knoxville and Andy Samberg as leads in The Three Stooges

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Just days after it was mentioned that Johnny Knoxville, Andy Samberg and Shane Jacobson were shortlisted to play the iconic trio in the upcoming THE THREE STOOGES film, the Farrelly Brothers have jumped in and vehemently denied this rumor. In an very recent interview Peter Farrelly states, “You don’t want people to think ‘they already cast that thing,’ because we haven’t. It’s wide open to everybody.” Quick,everyone breathe a sigh of relief as we don’t have to stomach more Johnny Knoxville than necessary. Right now the Farrelly Brothers claim there is no front runner in casting and they are still on the lookout. Of course, word on the street is that 20th Century Fox wants to start shooting possibly as early as March so a cast better be one of the main things on the Farrelly’s minds.

THE THREE STOOGES will not be a bio-pic and will be a fictional comedy starting with the three young stooges being dropped off at an orphanage and then following them into adulthood.  The film will be broken down into three stand alone acts but will have some cohesion.

Farrelly Brothers

Source: Entertainment Weekly.com

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