Farrelly Brothers want Cher for The Three Stooges

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Even though THE THREE STOOGES is supposed to start shooting in April, the Farrelly Brothers have yet to cast any of the three leads. However, they are going after singer Cher for the role of the nun that terrifies the trio. The directors did work with Cher on the film STUCK ON YOU and apparently she made quite an impression on them. Peter Farrelly states:

Cher is just the coolest chick ever. It’s hard to describe. You meet a lot of celebrities in our business. We’re not cowed by many of them. But Cher is bawdy, she’s fun, she’s cool, she’s lived a life, she’s got experience, she’s humble. It’s the humility that struck me the most. She’s not really a diva.

Pretty high praises for someone who practically threw a hissy fit about not being nominated for an Oscar for her run in BURLESQUE, but maybe that was just a flash in the pan. Twitter can really be a bad place to vent. No word on whether she will accept this role, but I’m sure that if she wants it then it’s hers. We’ll keep you posted on who will be cast in the lead as soon as we find out.


Source: LA Times

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