First images of Tom Cuise on the set of Mission Impossible 4

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Things go pretty fast in Hollywood.  Just a few months ago, there was speculation that Paramount wasn’t moving forward with a fourth Mission Impossible film because after KNIGHT AND DAY, they didn’t feel Tom Cruise could carry a film.  But that was worked out and over the past few months we’ve gotten several casting announcements, the most recent being yesterday with the news that Josh Holloway would be joining TC on the mission.  And now, we have our first set photos, straight from Prague in the Czech Republic.

Not a whole lot going on in these photos, the first features Cruise in disguise as a Russian soldier and the second has Tom sporting a retro Bruce Springsteen shirt.  No other cast members were seen, but hopefully some spies in the Czech Republic will get some snaps of TC in action.  Brad Bird is directing the fourth film that stars Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton, Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Michael Nvqvist and Josh Holloway.

Tom Cruise on the set of Mission Impossible 4

Tom Cruise on the set of Mission Impossible 4

Source: Accidental Sexiness

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