First look at Chloe Moretz in Let Me In

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I can’t say I envy the task that Matt Reeves has ahead of him with directing the English adaptation of the great Swedish film LET THE RIGHT ONE IN.  The original has a lot of fans out there (including me) that felt it was perfect the way it was.  The English version is simply called LET ME IN and features the young it-girl Chloe Moretz as a young vampire that befriends a neighbor boy (Kodi Smit-McPhee) after he’s attacked by bullies.  Richard Jenkins also stars as the caregiver to the young vamp.

In the first picture, Chloe looks a little too “innocent” to me.  Lina Leandersson was just incredible in the original and she managed to have that slightly evil look to her.  Chloe just doesn’t seem to have that to her in this picture.  I’m sure the trailer will show a different side of her.

Chloe Moretz in Let Me In

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