First photo of Karl Urban as Judge Dredd

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Back in 1995 an action film came out starring Sylvester Stallone in his prime that some could say killed his career a bit, that movie was entitled JUDGE DREDD.  The story about a futuristic cop that serves as the judge, jury and executioner while out fighting crime. Before JUDGE DREDD, Stallone had a healthy career with such films as RAMBO, ROCKY and DEMOLITION MAN (which was awesome) under his belt, then he made JUDGE DREDD and didn’t return to his film glory until ROCKY BALBOA. You would think that after such a disaster the comic book based character would be put onto the shelf. Oh no, they are bringing the Judge back in a rebooted version starring Karl Urban and you can see below how he will look.  The rebooted version DREDD is set to hit theaters sometime in 2012.

I’ll admit that I didn’t actually see the original JUDGE DREDD, but always thought the concept was a little lame.  I guess we’ll see how this new one measures up but it looks like another B-movie to me.

Karl Urban as Judge Dredd

Source: 2000AD Online

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