Flight Of The Intruder (Blu-Ray)

I was actually kind of excited about seeing FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER.  I had missed out on the Navy pilot film when it came out in 1991.  As I watched the film I began recognizing scenes and I soon realized, I had seen this film.  My only guess is that it was so awful my brain psychologically tried to block it from memory.  I was shocked and surprised just how bad this film was.

Brad Johnson in Flight of the Intruder

After questioning the purpose of Navy bombing missions, Intruder pilot Jake ‘Cool Hand’ Grafton (Brad Johnson) teams up with bombardier Virgil Cole (Willem Dafoe) on his third tour of duty, to do an unauthorized bombing mission in dangerous “Sam City” in North Vietnam.

Willem Dafoe was nominated for best supporting actor in a phenomenal performance in PLATOON back in 1986.  I cannot believe five years later he downgraded so heavily in such a poor military film.  All the actors lack any sort of energy.  Even Danny Glover, who by this time had finished a couple of LETHAL WEAPON films, was very underwhelming for being a veteran in action/authority roles.  As the stern Commanding Officer his yelling was weak and as if he was going to break out laughing every time he was attempting to be angry.  All the actors felt like first time acting students in their very first acting class- extremely timid trying to put out any emotion by yelling half-heartedly.

Rosanna Arquette in Flight of the Intruder

The film was tired and predictable with forced humor.  As soon as one of the supporting characters had been promoted as a swinging bachelor came out of nowhere talking about how he found out he has a child and he believes he could really love the mother, you knew he just signed his death papers.

And what was the point of the love story?  Early in the film Jake and Callie (Rosanna Arquette) exchange a sentence when they meet.  Then at a bar they meet again when he is drunk and she approaches him announcing she is drunk- so the audience knows rather than have to follow her acting.  Then it cuts to them dancing, making out at her home, and then waking up in bed together.  That same day while hanging out on the beach, he asks if he can write her.  Seriously, they got pretty serious in a matter of seconds and it made no impact to the context of the film nor was that story line touched upon again.

Brad Johnson in Flight of the Intruder

If you’re looking for a fun Navy film about pilots check out TOP GUN, which was also five years earlier.  If this film would have been older I may have been able to cut it some slack but when military films that came out well before you, whether it be serious or light-hearted, have done it several times better, I simply don’t understand.  FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER is like a soft serving military flick to help children and the elderly digest.


Video: This is by far the worst transfer I have ever seen.  It was completely grainy throughout and the pastel colors looked muted and worn like a shirt that has been laundered far too many times.

Audio: The sound was ok but nothing outstanding when thinking of Aircrafts flying over enemy lines under fire.


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