Footloose can't dance past Real Steel at the weekend box office while The Thing and The Big Year struggle

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

This has been a bizzarro-world weekend for some of us that have seen the FOOTLOOSE remake and then read some of the other reviews around the net from people that actually liked it.  It has most of the Flix66 team here dumbfounded as to how a virtual shot for shot remake can be dubbed “new” or as having “original twists”.  In protest, I watched the original again the other night and was reminded that the story can actually be done well.  What’s funny is that the execs at Paramount have been pretty open that they only made the movie because they thought they could make some easy money off of it.  Okay, sorry about that, but I suspect we haven’t heard the last from these two-bit remakes of classic 80’s movies (DIRTY DANCING is coming next year).  As for the box office results, it looked like FOOTLOOSE was going to be the easy winner on Friday, but it stumbled mightily on Saturday and now it looks like it will haul in about $15.5 million (in contrast, it cost $24 million to make).  THE THING prequel also opened this weekend to a measly $8 million, but at least it was better than THE BIG YEAR, which bombed in 8th place with 3.2 million.  Last week’s winner, REAL STEEL, took the top spot with $16 million.

Next week sees the release of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 and THE THREE MUSKETEERS.  Hollywood is seriously slumping right now and even good, high profile movies are struggling.  Unfortunately for them, neither of the two movies next weekend are going to be able to rescue the industry.  Note: The numbers below will be updated as they become final.

Julianne Hough, Kenny Wormald in Footloose

1. Real Steel $16m

2. Footloose $15.5m

3. The Thing $8.5m

4. The Ides of March $7.5m

5. Dolphin Tale $6.3m

6. Moneyball $5.5m

7. 50/50 $4.5m

8. The Big Year $3.2m

9. Courageous $3.2m

10. Dream House $2.6m

Source: Deadline

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