For A Few Dollars More (Blu-Ray)

In the second installment, director Sergio Leone is given more money, directly causing the quality to jump up quite a bit.  He is beginning to feel more confident and therefore stretches out his scenes lingering on the exact look that he wants to achieve.  While the length might seem unnecessary in some places, FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE is definitely beautiful and inspiring to many films and filmmakers who will follow.

A few dollars more

The film opens with Col. Douglas Mortimer (Lee Van Cleef), a bounty hunter with an arsenal of weapons stored away on his horse.  Dressed in black, his tall demeanor matches that of No Name but his cocky smirk contrasts Eastwood’s keen squint.  Mortimer’s patience and accurate shots with his James Bond-ish gadgets make him a deadly bounty hunter.  Then we are introduced to Manco (Clint Eastwood).  Yes, he does have a name in this extended installment.   His mysterious calm demeanor along with his familiar cigar and poncho walks into a saloon and quickly guns down four bad guys.  He too is a dangerous bounty hunter.  Finally, we are introduced to the evil that is Indio (Gian Maria Volonte).  With his maniacal laugh, he is definitely meant to portray a psychotic, willing to kill anyone from his own gang to women and children.  He eases his pain, by hallucinating from the affects of pot.  Yes that is correct, smoking marijuana is thought to make him more evil and crazy.  Our two bounty hunters go after Indio and his gang individually then decide to team up to prevent a spaghetti western OCEAN’S ELEVEN style bank heist.  The two are hesitant to trust each other and one secretly has different motives other than the bounty.

Although FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE sounds like a sequel it’s more of another film in the same style as the first.  It is a different storyline but has some of the same actors who are not necessarily the same character.  I mean the actor who played the villain in the first is playing the villain here but obviously as a different character because he along with all the villains die.  The film actually belongs to Eastwood and Van Cleef and I would argue in a lot of ways the film actually belongs to Van Cleef’s Mortimer.  He seems to have more screen time and back-story, but then again what makes The Man With No Name so great is the less we know about him, which is due to Eastwood’s understated performance.

A few dollars more

Once again the casting and camera work is phenomenal.  This time around every character has a strong unique face that Sergio is unafraid to closely frame.  Volonte is a little over-the-top as the villain but Eastwood and Van Cleef really seem to grasp the look of their character trusting the less is more attitude.  The visual look of the film along with the score by Ennio Morrocone is once again magnificent.


Video: (2.35:1 Widescreen) Another decent transfer capturing the beautiful cinematography.

Audio: (5.1 DTS-HD) The gunshots and music are terrific, however, once again the dubbing of the voices is a little off but again, that was how the film was shot.

The Christopher Frayling Archives:  For A Few Dollars More (19:02): An interesting look at the artwork and advertisements for the film through all nations.

Commentary by Noted Film Historian- Sir Christopher Frayling: Another highly detailed commentary covering everything from technique and production to symbolism and history in the making of the film.

A New Standard:  Frayling on For A Few Dollars More (20:14): Frayling discusses Sergio’s intention “to make fairy tales movies for grown ups”- I would take that to mean over-the-top shoot-em-up westerns.

Back For More:  Clint Eastwood Remembers For A Few Dollars More (7:08):
In 2003, Clint spoke about his work with each of Sergio’s films.  This is particularly on FAFDM.  Eastwood always gives a fascinating insight and believed the pictures were too long, which I tend to agree with.

Tre Voci:  For A Few Dollars More (11:05): The same “Three Voices” from the first film, producer Alberto Grimaldi, screenwriter Sergio Donati and Actor Mickey Knox all discuss interesting aspects working with Sergio Leone

For A Few Dollars More:  The Original American Release Version (5:18): Three scenes with trimmed cuts for the American version.  Most notably, a scene is cut where The Man with No Name is given a name.

Location Comparisons (12:12): These show stills of the film then what that same place looks like now.  Most of the places are just empty land but one of the saloons is now a tourist spot

12 Radio Spots (7:36)

Theatrical Trailer 1 (2:29)

Theatrical Trailer 2 (3:44)


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