Fox to make film based on Atari's Missile Command

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

I think this officially marks the end of original ideas in Hollywood. With BATTLESHIP, OUIJA and a film based on the Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune video game on the horizon, it is any surprise that Fox would dip into bad video games from the 1980’s and make them into movies? No, we’re not surprised either.  For those who never played the game or don’t know what Atari even is (oh you kids don’t know how good you have it), MISSILE COMMAND took place during the Cold War and players had to defend their cities from missile attacks.  Yes, that does sound lame compared to the Resident Evil or Grand Theft Auto franchises. Right now Fox has Burk Sharpless and Dylan Clark set to write the script.

The only positive fact I can see in this story is that we’re in the very beginning stages of acquirement and production, so there’s still a chance that someone with a brain can come in and squash this film before it gets to far.

Missile Command

Source: Variety

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