Game Night Blu-ray Review

GAME NIGHT; finally, a film that combined my two passions of board games and Jason Bateman movie-watching.  GAME NIGHT might have gotten your attention by playing on the recent resurgence of boardgame popularity, but it’s the great cast and quick pace that will keep you entertained. GAME NIGHT is a film that you will have you laughing out loud and lamenting that you don’t have your own core group of friends to have your own game night filled with kidnapping, murder, theft and of course, bare-knuckle fighting.

Game Night

GAME NIGHT follows a group of friends who meet regularly to have a good time playing games. When Max’s (Jason Bateman) brother Brooks (Kyle Chandler) hosts at his house, he introduces the gang to a real-life murder mystery game that doesn’t exactly go as planned.  Eventually, the group of friends end up in a series of events that make them question what’s real and what’s part of the game.  It feels a lot like “THE GAME” mixed with “DATE NIGHT” but thankfully, it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

I find it extremely satisfying that Jason Bateman’s career has taken off after trudging along for so many years.  His turn as Max in GAME NIGHT is a good example of his charm and comedic timing and proof that he can make a modestly humorous film funnier than it otherwise might have been. His expressionless humor is deliciously funny and when you combine that with the sweet, innocent comedic timing that Rachel McAdams exudes, you have a surprisingly effective comedic duo. Those two should probably look for more projects together. Although these two steal the show with their competitive antics, they have a great supporting cast that includes my favorite member from the TV show ‘New Girl’, Lamorne Morris and the creepy, yet humorous Jesse Plemons from TV’s ‘Fargo’.

Game Night

The concept for GAME NIGHT is light and fun and executed very well. However, despite the lightness one would expect from a group that is obsessed with playing competitive Jenga, it is a bit dark in places but the over the top situations and witty dialogue keep the film from ever being too serious.  As fun as this adventure was though, there are times in the film where it moves from plot point to plot point with the subtlety of a hammer to the chest.  Things get forced and although that can be frustrating, it serves to keep the film moving along. The dynamic between the entire group wasn’t utilized enough and too often the characters were separated into their own little cliques, which didn’t seem as interesting as when they were all interacting together.

Overall, I found GAME NIGHT to be a fun ride that hit my funny bone in all the right places. When I finished the film I found myself wanting to be a part of their group to play charades, Clue or any other classic board game.  But then again, the last time I played Monopoly with a large group, I found myself wanting to murder the entire group, so that’s kind of the same thing…right?


Video: The video is surprisingly nice.  WB skipped the 4K treatment for GAME NIGHT, but this is a nice looking Blu-ray.

Audio: The audio is fine.

An Unforgettable Evening: Making Game Night (3:48): Way too short for a good film with a great cast. They really dropped the ball on this sad little feature.

Gag Reel (6:48): Definitely worth watching after the film concludes.


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