Gary Oldman takes a stand against acting athletes

Gary Oldman actors against athletes

This isn’t a story we writers at would normally post, but honestly it’s too funny to pass up and share with our dear readers. Movie lovers everywhere no doubt cringe whenever we hear of an athlete who decides to take on a movie and try to become a Hollywood star. I can’t really think of any professional athlete who has managed this transition, and that’s probably because it’s not a natural progression of an athlete’s career. Thank goodness Gary Oldman agrees with all us movie fans and has given us a PSA for Actors Against Acting Athletes. If there were a petition to put this nonsense to a stop I would be the first to sign it.

Gary Oldman can next be seen in the final Christopher Nolan Batman film THE DARK KNIGHT RISES alongside Christian Bale, Tom Hardy Anne Hathaway and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Check out the PSA below which was featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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