George Clooney and Grant Heslov are looking to make Coronado High

George Clooney

With the rousing, Oscar winning success of ARGO, it’s only natural that everyone involved would have their other works examined for a possible repeat success. One of the names that doesn’t get mentioned in ARGO conversations is that of Joshua Bearman, who wrote the original Wired article that led to the film. Bearman is writing another article called CORONADO HIGH, which is about a group of teenagers that smuggle drugs into the predominantly rich resort city near San Diego, California.

This time, it looks like George Clooney isn’t going to merely produce the film, but he’s looking to direct CORONADO HIGH. Given the subject matter and the inevitable analysis of the social classes, this feels like it’s right up George Clooney’s wheelhouse. But George Clooney is a busy man these days; he’s finishing up MONUMENTS MEN now and will be starring in Brad Bird’s TOMORROWLAND this year, so there’s nothing set in stone for CORONADO HIGH just yet. (The Wrap)


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