George Clooney is looking to star in 1952 for director Brad Bird

George Clooney

It must be a very exciting time to be an executive over at Disney right now.  The studio is still celebrating the huge success of THE AVENGERS and the rest of their Marvel franchises, they just announced a deal for Lucasfilm and with it, more Star Wars movies and they still have the trusty Pixar bringing in the dough on a consistent basis.  There’s not much job security in Hollywood, but if I was an executive at Disney, I’d feel pretty secure right now.  To add to their spoils, it looks like they just nabbed one of the biggest stars on the planet in George Clooney to headline their science fiction film, 1952.  And it doesn’t hurt that fan favorite and MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – GHOST PROTOCOL director Brad Bird is going to be directing the film from a script by Damon Lindelof.

The film is described as being very much in the vein of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND.  Not a whole lot is known about the film, only that it originated from an idea Lindelof had while he was rummaging around some of the old Disney archives.  Supposedly, the film has some basis from an original idea Walt Disney himself had about alien contact.  How much of what makes it in the film was originally his will probably never be known, but it does add to the mystery of the film.  And having George Clooney in the lead should help things as well.  George Clooney is next directing the World War II drama, MONUMENTS MEN with Daniel Craig and Bill Murray, so this will presumably be his next project.  (Variety)

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