George Clooney replaces Robert Downey, Jr. in Gravity

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

It has been confirmed that George Clooney is in, and Robert Downey, Jr. is out in the space thriller GRAVITY (but technically we already knew RDJ had backed out about a month ago). After the studio considered scrapping the whole project, George Clooney jumped in and all was saved.  He will star alongside Sandra Bullock in the thriller directed by Alfonso Cuaron about an astronaut who survives a space disaster and tries to make it back to Earth.  For some reason this film has had a lot of casting changes with big names attached along the way.  No telling how long this recent Clooney acquisition will stick, but he only has to appear in the first part of the film, so our hopes are high.

Clooney seems to have his hands in a lot of pots recently so it wouldn’t be surprising if we hear that he is backing out or stepping into various projects in the next year.  But he’s George Clooney, and can totally get away with such non-committal actions.

George Clooney

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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