George Clooney will face Hugh Laurie in Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland

George Clooney and Hugh Laurie

If this keeps up, Brad Bird’s follow up to MISSION IMPOSSIBLE – GHOST PROTOCOL, TOMORROWLAND (which used to be called 1952), is going to be better known for being secretive than anything else.  The scoops leading up to it are very reminiscent of the lead up to J.J. Abrams SUPER 8 and they’re even being compared to the same films, such as Steven Spielberg’s CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND.  Mystery surrounds TOMORROWLAND, but we do know that the film will star George Clooney and now we know that he’ll be facing Hugh Laurie, who has just signed on to play the villain in the film.

Other than that, details are pretty sketchy about Damon Lindelof’s script.  Supposedly, the idea for the story came directly from Walt Disney himself and was discovered while Lindelof was going through some old Disney archives.  The possibilities are endless and with Brad Bird directing and George Clooney starring, it’s hard not to get excited for what they might have in store for us. (THR)

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