George Clooney will star in Monster of Florence

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

What’s a news week without a little George Clooney news? Why, it would be a boring week indeed.  Today we learn that George Clooney is set to star in the adaptation of MONSTER OF FLORENCE which will be written by Nathan Alexander and Chris McQuarrie.  Surprisingly, it was Tom Cruise who originally optioned the rights to the book and had McQuarrie set to write it back in 2008, but apparently it just wasn’t his cup of tea.  And really, who better to replace Mr. Cruise than Mr. Clooney? The book/film is about the investigation of a string of murders by Il Mostro, who killed over a dozen people during a twenty year span during the 60’s and 80’s and was never caught.

No concrete word on when production will start, but it’s possible filming could begin as early as this coming fall. Clooney has a string of films lined up that include: GRAVITY, THE DESCENDANTS and THE IDES OF MARCH.

George Clooney

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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