Gerard Butler, Michael Shannon and Michelle Monaghan to star in Machine Gun Preacher

Posted by: Nathan Swank

MACHINE GUN PREACHER, a fact-based action drama, is about “a man who renounces his outlaw ways and embarks on a spiritual path, becoming a warrior for the desperate and helpless children in a war-torn country in Africa.” The film has been in development for a while and will star Gerard Butler, Michael Shannon and Michelle Monaghan. The important news today is that Lionsgate has bought the North American distributing rights. The film can rest easy and is now scheduled to begin principal photography July 5th in Detroit and South Africa. Lionsgate plans on releasing the film in fall 2011.

Butler will star as the title character, Sam Childers, known as the MACHINE GUN PREACHER. Marc Forster will direct the film, who is previously known for directing, MONSTER’S BALL, FINDING NEVERLAND, QUANTUM OF SOLACE and the underrated STRANGER THAN FICTION.

gerard butler

Source: Lionsgate

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