Gerard Butler won't be coming back for 300 sequel called 300: Battle of Artemisia

Gerard Butler in 300

The sequel to the 2006 film 300 from director Zack Snyder (which could possibly be considered his only decent film to date) which will be entitled 300: BATTLE OF ARTEMISIA is currently shooting, but fans shouldn’t expect to see Gerard Butler‘s King Leonidas in the film. According to an interview Gerard Butler recently had, he said this about the sequel, “Oh yeah, I’m not doing it. They’re filming [the ‘300’ sequel] right now. I wish them the best, but it didn’t [work out]. It wasn’t really my thing.” That’s a statement that could be taken in many ways, though I’m sure Gerard Butler wouldn’t say anything negative about a film that basically jumpstarted his career. Since 300: BATTLE OF ARTEMISIA doesn’t really continue the story of the first film, it’s not shocking that Gerard Butler won’t be returning, but he did have a role if he wanted it as did Lena Headey who played the King’s wife.

Directed by Noam Murro, 300: BATTLE OF ARTEMISIA will star: Sullivan Stapleton, Eva Green, Rodrigo Santoro, Callan Mulvey and Jack O’Connell. The film is set to open in theaters on August 2, 2013. (MTV)

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