Gillian Anderson joins Rowan Atkinson in Johnny English Reborn

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

This news breaks my heart, but Gillian Anderson is set to star as MI7 secret agent Pamela Head in the upcoming sequel, JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN.  She will star opposite Rowan Atkinson, who will be reprising a character that most people never even knew existed.  When I say this news breaks my heart, let me explain by pointing out that I was/am a huge X-Files fan and like millions of fanboys around the world, I felt Gillian Anderson epitomized classy and sexy as Agent Scully.  I’ve rooted for her ever since the show went off the air, but for whatever reason, she hasn’t been able to break out of that role.

And since this is the first leading role she’s had since the X-Files, it’s kind of sad.  Because let’s face it; no one outside of die-hard Atkinson fans is interested in this film.  I don’t want to insult the guy, I know he has his fans, I’m just not one of them.  The lovely Gillian Anderson deserves better.

Gillian Anderson

Source: Deadline

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