Godzilla gets a director in Gareth Edwards

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

After the GODZILLA debacle in 1998, I was sure that Hollywood had given up on the large, city-crushing lizard, but oh how wrong I was. Legendary Pictures thinks there needs to be another Godzilla movie, and they have just the director to do it in Gareth Edwards.  Edwards is best known for his indie sci-fi film MONSTERS and Legendary thought that was worthy of giving him a go at the legendary Godzilla.  Legendary Pictures will co-produce and co-finance the film with Warner Bros. and Warner Bros. will distribute the film per their agreement. The film doesn’t have a script or writer yet, but the British director is the guy who will put it on the screen.

Gareth Edwards’ indie film MONSTERS deals with an alien invasion that takes place in Mexico. Apparently he made a big impact on a low budget and if he can swing Godzilla, we may see more creature features on the big screen-which is very exciting to this writer.

Gareth Edwards

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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