Good People Blu-ray Review

GOOD PEOPLE has a major problem that never does get resolved. You just don’t empathize all that much with the lead characters. You are supposed to root for them, while they wrestle with a moral dilemma. The film doesn’t delve deep enough in these characters and show their motivations and what makes them tick.

The good people as it were are Tom (James Franco) and Anna Wright (Kate Hudson). They are Americans who have recently moved to London. They are struggling to make it. Tom is a contractor who is not finding enough work and is throwing too much cash into a fixer upper that his grandmother left him. Anna is a teacher who is trying to get pregnant and is having difficulties in that area. They live in a rundown place with a tenant named Ben who lives in the basement.

Good People

Their lives change when they find Ben dead of a drug overdose. In the beginning of the film, we see this man betray his crew in a drug heist. He got away with the drugs and with the money. Jack Witkowski (Sam Spruell) is not one to forget. His brother was killed by Ben in the getaway. He wants vengeance for his brother and he wants the drugs and money. Jack shows his ruthlessness by torturing one of the crew members for bringing Ben aboard on this enterprise.

There are also two other players involved in this drama. First we have DI John Halden (Tom Wilkinson) who is investigating this case. He is intimately involved because his daughter died from a drug overdose. He wants to shut down the drug cartel that has been plaguing London for years. The other player is a man that goes by the name of Khan (Omar Sy). No this man is not a fan of the memorable character in Star Trek lore. He goes old school for his name. He thinks he is similar to Genghis Khan, the Mongolian leader from the 12th and 13th Century. The earlier Khan did all sort of nasty stuff to people who dared cross him. The modern day Khan is the same way. He had his drugs stolen and he wants the people who did this to pay for this.

Good People

The story gets moving when Tom finds the money that Ben had stashed. This presents itself the aforementioned moral dilemma for him and Anna. Do they give the money to the police or keep it for themselves to pay off some mounting bills? You all know what they will do since it would be a very short movie if they did the right thing. This situation has presented itself many times in movies. Films like “A Simple Plan” and “Fargo did it so well. This really isn’t a new discussion to be had. Money makes people do the darndest things. So GOOD PEOPLE has that working against it. If the characters were well drawn, you can overlook this. They aren’t.

The film basically goes off the rails in the last half. You have all these characters converging at one place. You would think that some of them would be a bit smarter here, but they aren’t. And then you have to suspend belief in all that happens. It is really silly and frankly belongs more in a Looney Tunes cartoon. Thankfully this movie is not that long and it doesn’t take people’s valuable time watching it.


Video: The video was nondescript. London is such a vibrant city that you wouldn’t tell here.

Audio: The sound was not that clear at times. The characters would speak in hushed tones and it was hard to pick up. Some of the characters also had tricky English accents which presented its own problems.

Making of Featurette (2:52): The actors and filmmakers briefly go over the plot of the movie. If you see the film, this featurette doesn’t add anything to it.



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