Gossip Girl's Blake Lively to star with Ryan Reynolds in The Green Lantern Movie

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Confession time; I saw, and didn’t hate, SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS.  I was forced to watch it against my will and there may or may not have been a gun to my head.  I didn’t catch the sequel, but the point is that I vividly remember thinking that Blake Lively did a really good job in such a sappy movie.  I’ve never see an episode of ‘Gossip Girl’, so I have no idea if she’s ever given any indication of being able to handle a superhero/possible villain role, but she definitely has the look.  Today we learn that she will be starring in the upcoming film THE GREEN LANTERN as Carol Ferris opposite Ryan Reynolds’ Hal Jordan.

Comic fans know that Ms. Ferris eventually turns into the villain Star Sapphire.  I can’t imagine that will happen in the first film, but it’s something to look out for in the sequel.  The film will be directed by Martin Campbell (CASINO ROYALE).

Blake Lively as Star Sapphire


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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