Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester bringing The Roommate to Blu-ray

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced that the horror film THE ROOMMATE, starring Leighton Meester, Minka Kelly, Cam Gigandet and Billy Zane, will be released on Blu-ray May 17, 2011. The film follows a college girl named Sara who upon moving in with her new roommate discovers that sharing your space can be more than inconvenient, it can be deadly. THE ROOMMATE opened in theaters this February and grossed just over $37 million at the box office, which is almost two times what it cost to make it.

THE ROOMMATE has received a lot of mixed reviews, some even going so far to say that the film was boring and they almost fell asleep. Is it possible that audiences will get bored with these films that are based on a suspense driven storyline as opposed to a bloody and tortur-ific (yes, I just made that up) film? Special features include:

The Roommate Blu-ray

  • Director’s commentary
  • movieIQ,
  • Alternate Opening Sequence
  • Obsession: The Making of The Roommate
  • The Roommate: Next Generation of Stars
  • Dressing Dangerously

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