Gregory Smith joins Daniel Craig and Naomi Watts in Dream House

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Former ‘Everwood’ star Gregory Smith has lined up a few projects, the most notable of which is a role in the upcoming thriller DREAM HOUSE with Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts.  Jim Sheridan will be directing the thriller about a man (Craig) that moves his family to a house that has a troubled past.  Smith will play an outsider familiar with the story of the house.

After DREAM HOUSE, Smith will star in WHIRLIGIG, directed by Chaz Thorne.  In that, Smith will play a man down on his luck that moves back in with his parents.  He develops a relationship with a married neighbor and her adopted son, which leads to a revealing of secrets.  After that, he will do CONCEPTION for director Josh Stolberg, which is an ensemble piece with Julie Bowen.  Smith and Bowen will play one of the nine couples in the film.

This is a pretty good set of gigs for a guy I’ve never heard of before now.  He’s starring in little indie films while taking bit parts in bigger movies.  That seems to follow a pretty tried and true recipe to becoming a successful actor.

Gregory Smith

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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