Guy Ritchie may take on 300 sequel, Xerxes

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Warner Bros. has offered Guy Ritchie¬† the opportunity to direct the sequel to the Zack Snyder epic 300, to be called XERXES. For those of us who didn’t know “Xerxes the Great was the fourth Zoroastrian king of the Achamenid Empire” and he also has his own graphic novel by Frank Miller who did 300. Zack Snyder apparently wrote the script for the upcoming XERXES, but will not be directing it. It’s speculated that Warner Bros. wants him to concentrate more on their upcoming SUPERMAN film that will surely eventually (they are hoping) turn into a huge franchise. No word on when Warner Bros. wants XERXES to begin production but we’ll let you know.

I really like Guy Ritchie and think he would do a good job with this film. And although I loved 300, I haven’t really enjoyed many of Zack Snyder’s other films, most notably WATCHMEN and LEGEND OF THE GUARDIANS: THE OWLS OF GA’HOOLE and according to Vulture, SUCKER PUNCH was not really that great either. So I say give XERXES to Guy Ritchie so we can have a new take on a Frank Miller story.

Guy Ritchie

Source: Vulture

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