The hackers are winning: Carmike theaters pulls The Interview

I’m sure there’s a grand political point to make in all of this, but I find the controversy over THE INTERVIEW to be hilarious in a sad kind of way.  It seems strange to me that the hackers are spewing so much hate over a silly R-rated comedy from Seth Rogen and James Franco; two people that even their biggest fans don’t take seriously.  But it seems their threats are being taken to heart and the Carmike theater chain is the first company to cower in fear.  They’ve pulled the film from their theaters and are taking the threats very seriously and we suspect the announcement coming today from Arclight is going to be more of the same.  On top of that, the New York premiere has been cancelled as well and neither Seth Rogen or James Franco are doing any press for the movie.

The hackers posted a poorly worded, threatening letter, which I won’t re-post here, but they’re basically threatening anyone that goes to see the film and are clearly still angry that the film even exists.  This seems like a lot of hoopla for a film from the guys that once fought a giant devil with a CGI penis, but that’s the world we live in now.  (Deadline)

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