Happy Madison gets Tim Herlihy to write Pixels

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison company has asked long time buddy and collaborator Tim Herlihy to write a screenplay for PIXELS.  PIXELS is based on a short video by Patrick Jean that was super popular on the internet earlier this year. The video takes the concept of characters from 1980’s video games that come out of the television and start attacking New York City.  Sandler and company want to turn this into a Ghostbuster-like comedy (which would probably star Adam Sandler himself).  Tim Herlihy probably rings a bell as he has done many films with Adam Sandler that include: THE WEDDING SINGER, THE WATERBOY, BEDTIME STORIES and is the writer for the upcoming JUST GO WITH IT, which co-stars Jennifer Aniston.

This film sounds fun and even though I think Sandler’s films aren’t as good as they used to be, this could redeem him in my book. The only way it could end badly is if he decided not to star in it himself and cast someone like Rob Schneider in it instead, that would be really bad.

Pixels movie

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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