Harrison Ford has been offered a role in the Jackie Robinson film, 42

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Is Harrison Ford making a resurgence in film? The actor has always had a rather solid career but as he’s gotten older spent less time in the spotlight. Lately his name has been everywhere for certain parts, most recently the adaptation of ENDER’S GAME. Still no word on whether he has taken it or not.

Legendary Pictures is said to be courting Ford for a role in the Jackie Robinson film, 42. Ford was offered the role of Brooklyn Dodgers general manager Branch Rickey, who with the help of Robinson got rid of segregation in baseball in 1947. Other names have been mentioned with the part as well, one of them being Robert Redford.

I never watched much baseball. Some as a kid since my brother really enjoyed it and even played little league. But everyone knows who Jackie Robinson is regardless of how many baseball games they’ve seen. The film sounds like it could be potential critic bait whether Ford or Redford join on.

Harrison Ford

Source: Deadline

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