Harry Potter helmer David Yates will be doing a big screen version of Doctor Who

Posted by:Zack Bruce

When it comes to sci-fi, I’m somewhat well versed. At least on anything that goes to the big screen. I’m way less versed on small screen sci-fi adventures. My friends all tell me how awesome FIREFLY was and I’ve had zero time to even watch it. I know, I’m missing out. One thing I do know some about is DOCTOR WHO. My girlfriend has seen a good majority of the series. I think she still needs to visit the first three doctors.

I really didn’t expect something like this to come about but it appears that David Yates (HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER PHOENIX) will direct a big-screen version of DOCTOR WHO. With the eleventh doctor leaving next season, I figured they would just find another guy to take over as the twelfth doctor. Each doctor’s appearance changes so it’s not too hard to get someone else to take the job especially since it’s one that many actors would be more than happy to take.

The film will take about two or three years to perfect according to BBC Worldwide’s L.A.-based exec VP of programming and production, Jane Tranter. This will also not follow the television series and take a fresh approach. I wonder if this will be the way to introduce the new doctor. There were no concrete details regarding that.

Doctor Who

Source: Variety

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