Harry Potter team Steve Kloves and David Yates are getting to work on Stephen King's The Stand

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Steve Kloves and David Yates have done some pretty fantastic things for the HARRY POTTER series. They’ve managed to keep an audience captivated from Harry’s first experience at Hogwarts to the final gut-wrenching battle. So it’s only logical that they move on to another lengthy piece of literature– Stephen King’s THE STAND.

This news is nothing new to Yates who has been game to direct the horror adaptation for awhile. He’s been talking it up when he gets the chance and I guess he talked his buddy Kloves into it as well. Warner Bros. is currently making the final deal for the team to pair up again to try a different literary perspective.

THE STAND is a very popular King novel. It has an amazing legion of loyal fans. Anytime a big screen adaptation is brought up, they are there armed with their opinions on what they think should go. The story is a post-apocalyptic one with the survivors of a man-made biological weapon that spreads a superflu killing of the majority of the Earth’s population trying to carry on. I can back this team-up for this project for sure.

Steve Kloves and David Yates

Source: HitFix

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