Hayley Atwell to star in Captain America with Chris Evans and Hugo Weaving

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Little known British actress Hayley Atwell has landed the coveted role of Peggy Carter in the upcoming Marvel film CAPTAIN AMERICA.  You might be asking who Hayley Atwell is and chances are good you’ve seen her before, but just didn’t care.  She’s been in several films, but most notably, she was Bess Foster in THE DUCHESS.  Ironically, Keira Knightley, the actual star of THE DUCHESS, was one of  the leading candidates to get the female lead that Atwell now has.  As you already know, Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan and Hugo Weaving also star in the film.

It should be noted that Peggy Carter is kind of the secondary “lead” to Sharon Carter whereas Peggy dated Steve Rogers (Captain America) during WWII and later ended up in the nursing home in modern times.  Her influence led to her niece (Sharon) joining SHIELD.  Sharon has a much bigger part later on in the comics, albeit not usually to the benefit of Captain America.  I say all of that to say that although Hayley Atwell will be the female lead in the first Captain America movie, I can’t see her being a part in any of the sequels.  Director Joe Johnston has already said that the film would take place in both WWII and modern times.

Hayley Atwell

Source: Marvel

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