Help Wanted: Blu-ray Reviewer

We knew this day would come and now is officially at the point where we need some help making our way through all the Blu-rays we receive.  We’re currently looking to hire 2 more critics who will be able to write film reviews and review the special features included on each disc.

If you’re a huge movie fan and feel you have something interesting to say about movies, then we encourage you to apply to become a Blu-ray reviewer.  It’s a non-paying gig, but you do get to keep all the Blu-rays we send you.

Help Wanted

Position Title: Blu-ray Reviewer


Minimum Requirements:

You need to be at least 21 years old to apply.

You must own a Blu-ray player.

You must be able to commit to reviewing at least 2 Blu-rays a week.  Note: reviewing Blu-rays can be time consuming, so be honest with yourself as far as how much time you can commit.  Please don’t waste our (and your) time by committing to something you can’t handle.

You must know and love movies and Blu-rays.  This is not a job for the casual movie fan.

You must be an excellent writer.  If your application has spelling or grammatical errors, it will be ignored.

How to apply:

Send us an email at with a brief explanation as to why you think you are a good candidate to review Blu-rays (be creative).  Make sure to include your name, age and where you live.  If you have a resume, please send that as well.

Finally, send us a sample review (look at our Blu-ray reviews for the proper format).  If you’ve written reviews for other sites or have some of your writing online already, send us the URL’s as well.

What happens next?

If we choose you to move forward, the next stage will be to write a few sample Blu-ray reviews and then we will choose the candidate.  We hope to have this position closed and a decision made by July 15th, 2011.


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