Henry Cavill and Michael Shannon face off in a plot revealing Man of Steel trailer

Henry Cavill in Man of Steel

I almost called this the “final” MAN OF STEEL trailer, but given how many trailers, TV spots, posters and images we’ve gotten so far, I doubt this is the last trailer we’ll get for the film.  We’re just over three weeks away and the marketing onslaught is almost too much to bare.  But this new trailer does give us some actual plot details from the film as opposed to a grand voice over and epic music.  It seems that Clark Kent is pushed into becoming Superman by General Zod, who basically wages war on earth.  You’ll have to watch the trailer for yourself, but I’m not sure how people are going to react to this new strategy.  Instead of the plot driven, grandiose trailers we’ve gotten, this one focuses on the battles and action, which is both good and bad.  It’s good because it alleviates some fears that the film wouldn’t have enough action, but it’s bad because I wasn’t impressed with anything I saw.  Was Lois Lane being put into a space suit?  The trailer isn’t even two minutes long, so we shouldn’t jump to any conclusions and besides, we only have about three weeks before we can all sit back and decide if Zack Snyder was the right choice for Superman.

MAN OF STEEL official synopsis: A young boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and is not of this Earth.  As a young man, he journeys to discover where he came from and what he was sent here to do.  But the hero in him must emerge if he is to save the world from annihilation and become the symbol of hope for all mankind.  MAN OF STEEL stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Russell Crowe, Michael Shannon, Ayelet Zurer, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Antje Traue, Christopher Meloni and Laurence Fishburne. The Zack Snyder directed and Christopher Nolan produced film flies into theaters on June 14th, 2013.

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