Henry Cavill shows up as Clark Kent on the set of Man of Steel

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Now that you’ve seen several photos of Henry Cavill in the Superman costume for MAN OF STEEL, how about some of Clark Kent?

Recently, the actor was on set in full Clark attire. Nearly complete anyway. There’s still a big component missing–the glasses. Maybe he didn’t wear his glasses all the time but I’d like to see them. To me it’s the barrier between Clark and Superman. One single pair of black rimmed glasses.

There are no details about the scene that was being filmed that day. Maybe Clark is on his way to work at the Daily Planet or he’s leaving because something is going on in Metropolis. Aside from my little nitpicks on the Superman suit, I think Cavill looks like a decent Kent. When do we get a teaser for this thing? Or some more promotional material? I’ll take anything at this point.

Man of Steel set

Man of Steel set 2

Man of Steel set

Man of Steel set

Man of Steel set

Source: Caught on Set

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