Horrible Bosses director Seth Gordon is doing his own version of WarGames

Posted by: Zack Bruce

In this day and age, a reboot of 1983’s WARGAMES starring Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy could actually be very interesting. With technology rapidly advancing before our very eyes and all of our information on the internet, we’ve left ourselves vulnerable. Not only us but the very society and government that we put our trust in seems to be all over the web a well.

HORRIBLE BOSSES director Seth Gordon has been hired to develop the film and direct. The original film has Broderick and Sheedy as, “computer prodigies who finds a back door into a military computer program. They think they are playing games with the computer only to find they could trigger WWIII if the computer launches nuclear missiles at the Russians.” Gordon has free range to do what he wants with the new version.

I hardly remember 1983 seeing that I was an infant at the time but my brother was still playing asteriods on his Atari. It was a few more years before Nintendo entered my life and when I played Super Mario Bros. it was love at first leap. Now that online gaming has consumed many a males lives it will be neat to see where this film goes.


Source: Deadline

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