Horrible Bosses, starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman, coming to Blu-ray in October

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

One pleasant surprise this summer was the raunchy comedy HORRIBLE BOSSES in which three guys struggling with their jobs decide to team up and kill the other’s bosses.  It was a simple premise, but with Jason Sudekis, Jason Bateman and Charlie Day playing the murderers and Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell and Kevin Spacey playing the bosses, it had too much talent to fail.  Throw in a nice cameo appearance from Jamie Foxx and this is one you’ll want to watch a few times.  The Blu-ray release hits shelves on October 11th and will feature two versions of the film, the original 98 minute cut and a “Totally Inappropriate Edition” that will have eight extra minutes added in.  One of the best things about the film was how fast it moved and how quick the jokes came, so unless those eight minutes are hilarious, I’m not sure an extended edition is something I want to watch.

As for other features, it will have three featurettes, some deleted scenes and a look at the making of the soundtrack.

Horrible Bosses Blu-ray

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