Hotel Transylvania 2 3D Blu-ray Review

If an animated film makes a decent splash at the box office, you can pretty much bet on a sequel.  HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 doesn’t necessarily fall into this terrible sequel category, but it’s close enough to count. After all, do we really need a formulaic sequel to a slightly higher than mediocre animated film that doesn’t really improve on anything? Apparently the answer is yes, Hollywood and Adam Sandler thought we did so here we are. Let’s all just hope that a third film isn’t in the works because I just don’t know how they could possibly drag this thing out any more.  We get it; Dracula talks like Billy Madison and he’s upset his daughter and grandchildren aren’t scarier.

Hotel Transylvania 2

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 picks up probably a year or so after the first film left off. Mavis (voiced by Selena Gomez) and Jonathan (Andy Samberg) have married and are living in the hotel with Dracula (Adam Sandler) when they share the news that they are expecting a little bundle of joy. We fast forward a bit to when Dennis, the now almost 5 year-old, should be “getting his fangs” and become the monster that his grandfather has been hoping for. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Dennis is a monster, but a mere human which sets the parents on a quest to find an appropriate home while Papa Dracula does his best to bring out the ghoulish DNA in his wee grandkid.

Hotel Transylvania 2

If you were a fan of the first HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA, then it’s probably safe to say that this sequel will meet your expectations as well, though it’s not as good as the first film. The fun monster characters from the original movie return and although the storyline isn’t as exciting, it’s still cute enough to entertain…once. HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 doesn’t have a whole lot of re-watch ability, mainly because watching a grandfather trying to turn his kid into something he may not be is a little dull and after a while, it actually becomes a little sad.

The main attraction to the HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA franchise is listening to Adam Sandler voice Dracula. For some reason, hearing the actor do voice work for a vampire cracks me up to no end, though I’m not really sure why. Adam Sandler seems to get a lot of flak for his goofy films, but he’s quite a talented overall actor and this franchise really makes his talent shine. But keep in mind I didn’t watch him on Saturday Night Live, where I’m told most of these voices came from.

Hotel Transylvania 2

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 is obviously a film that was cashing in on the success of its predecessor, but in general, it’s not as bad as a lot of sequels out there. If you have a small fan or two in the house that enjoyed the first one, then the sequel should be a decent way for you to kill 90 minutes.


Animated films know how to get the best use out of the 3D format and HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 is no exception.  We get a lot of 3D gags, which are great for the kids, but the depth throughout the film is impressive as well.


Video: HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 looks great on regular Blu-ray as well.

Audio: No complaints on the audio.

Commentary with Director Genndy Tartakovsky: This is a very informative interview with lots of interesting tidbits thrown in.

Commentary with Adam Sandler, Robert Smigel and Allen Covet: Although entertaining, this commentary doesn’t offer a lot in the way about technical details or actual filmmaking, this is just a couple of guys getting together talking about their movie, which is also entertaining.

Monster Lullaby Scary-Oke Sing Along with Dennisovitch!: Three little karoke versions of Hush Little Monster, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat and Vlady Had a Little Drac.

Throw the Ultimate Monster Party (5:44): A little how-to for kids on how to throw a monster party which includes instructions on how to make treats and decorations.

Deleted Scenes (14.38): These are not only deleted scenes but also two alternate openings. Not all of these are produced to the point of the final film.

Make the Scary and Silly Sounds of HT2 (6:23): An interesting bit about how Foley Artist Robin Harlan made some of the sound effects for the film.

The New Guys (3:33): Introductions to the new characters in the film.

How to Draw Your Favorite Characters (5:03): Production Designer Michael Kurinsky and Actor Asher Blinkoff give demonstrations of how to draw Dennis and Papa Drac.

Music Video (3:42): “I’m In Love with a Monster” by Fifth Harmony

Meet the New Characters—Animation Progressions (7:18): A little featurette featuring Director Genndy Tartakovsky, Production Designer Michael Kurinsky and Visual Effects Supervisor Karl Herbst, as they talk about how they created all the new characters for the film.

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