Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei might team up for a romantic comedy

Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei

Hugh Grant has famously tried to get away from the romantic comedy genre that made him a star with films like FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL, NINE MONTHS and NOTTING HILL.  But his post-rom-com career has either consisted of lackluster films or no films at all and so it’s only natural that Hugh Grant would do what every actor does when they need a career spark; return to what they know.  With that in mind, Hugh Grant is set to star in Marc Lawrence’s upcoming, untitled romantic comedy about a struggling Hollywood screenwriter that starts teaching a class at a local community college where he falls in love with a single mom trying to get her education.  The queen of playing single moms, Marisa Tomei, is in talks to join Hugh Grant in the film.

This will mark the fourth time Hugh Grant and Marc Lawrence have teamed up, including the films TWO WEEKS NOTICE, MUSIC AND LYRICS and DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE MORGANS.  The first two were decent, but Morgans was almost unwatchable, so here’s hoping Hugh Grant and Marc Lawrence can recapture some of that mid-90’s magic that Grant used to have.  There’s not even a title yet, so obviously we don’t have a release date, but I suspect this would be a quick shoot and we could see it mid to late next year. (TheWrap)

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