Hugh Jackman and director Lee Daniels may team up for Orders To Kill

Hugh Jackman

Due to scheduling conflicts over the years Hugh Jackman and director Lee Daniels just haven’t gotten a chance to work together even though they have tried twice before (on SELMA and THE BUTLER). However, they may have found a winner in the upcoming adaptation of the book ORDERS TO KILL by author William Pepper. If everything works according to plan Hugh Jackman would play Pepper, an attorney and activist who tried to convince the courts for years that the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination was set up by the government and all the fault fell to scapegoat James Earl Ray. This is a theory that has been thrown about for years and even went to the courts again in 1999 where a Memphis jury found ‘governmental agencies’ partially responsible for the assassination but was brushed off to the side again in 2000 when a different investigation of the Department of Justice proved otherwise. ORDERS TO KILL has the potential to be a fascinating and controversial movie, but it has to get made first which may or may not happen since MLK’s family is very protective of his image. We’ll keep you posted of any updates about this film.

Hugh Jackman is currently shooting THE WOLVERINE, but you can see him this coming December as he’ll be starring in the adaptation of the musical LES MISERABLES in which he’ll costar with Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried and Russell Crowe. (LA Times)

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