Hugh Jackman is circling the spy film Section 6

Hugh Jackman

It’s hard not to like Hugh Jackman and his involvement with any film automatically increases my interest in the project tenfold.  And as much as I love it when he dons the claws for Wolverine, I like it better when he takes on a challenging role.  So I’m excited that he’s eying the lead in the film SECTION 6.  The film was written by first time screenwriter Aaron Berg and according to TheWrap, the story “follows the World War I-era formation of British intelligence agency MI6 and its first director, Sir George Mansfield Cummings, who served as the inspiration for M in the ‘James Bond’ series.”

It sounds like a fun project, but my bubble of excitement came crashing down when it was also reported that Brett Ratner and Justin Lin are two of the directors interested in taking on the film.  Universal paid over a million dollars for the rights to the script, so I don’t know why they would turn that over to either of them.  It also tells me this is more of an action-y movie instead of the drama I’d prefer.  Either way, Universal is excited about the project, so I’d expect this to move along quickly.

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