Hugh Jackman set for Prisoners for director Denis Villeneuve

Hugh Jackman

I always think of Hugh Jackman as an A-list superstar, but when you sit back and look at his non-Wolverine films, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of any of them.  Looking at his last 5 films in which he had a leading role, there was REAL STEEL, which was average, DECEPTION and AUSTRALIA, which were bad and then in 2006 he had THE PRESTIGE and THE FOUNTAIN, which were quality films.  But Hugh Jackman is everywhere, showing up on Broadway, ‘Saturday Night Live’ and I think I even saw him bussing tables at Olive Garden the other day.  Coming  up on the horizon, Hugh Jackman has MOVIE 43, LES MISERABLES and of course, the long gestating sequel to X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE.

One film that he’s been mentioned for several times in the past is the action-drama PRISONERS for directer Denis Villeneuve (INCENDIES).  Hugh Jackman has been attached to the project off and on for a couple of years, which was written by Aaron Guzikowski (who also wrote CONTRABAND).  In that time, its attracted a ton of talent with stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Wahlberg toying with it and the likes of Bryan Singer and David O. Russell circling the director’s chair.  But the game of musical scripts has landed on Denis Villeneuve and Hugh Jackman.  In the film, Hugh Jackman will play a simple carpenter named Keller, whose wife and daughter are kidnapped.  Dissatisfied with the progress made on the case, Keller takes the law into his own hands, only to constantly run up against the detective working the case.

It sounds like just about every action movie we’ve seen, so I’m dying to know what’s so different about it that such A-list talent would consider taking it.  Either way, Hugh Jackman is always great to watch on the big screen, even if I’m not always a fan of his films.  Shooting will start soon with a 2013 release date planned. (Alcon Entertainment)

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