Hugh Jackman will star in Lee Daniels' Selma

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

A while ago, it was believed that Robert De Niro would be playing Alabama Governor George Wallace in SELMA, but that is still not confirmed.  What is confirmed is that Hugh Jackman is the only star officially attached to the film.  We don’t know yet what he will be playing, but we do know he’s in.  Admittedly, it seems odd to have Hugh Jackman be the main star of a film about the Civil Rights movement in the South, but Jackman does have the range to pull it off.

The film is about the Civil Rights marches that started in Selma, Alabama, where segregation was probably the worst.  The character of George Wallace is an important one for the film since Alabama was in the condition it was in because of his refusal to accept the desegregation laws.  However, Daniels claimed in an interview that the film is really about Lyndon Johnson and his change in values.

hugh jackman

Source: USA Today

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